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Engineered Advisory Accelerator’s Practice Automation empowers accounting firms to operate at peak efficiency while enhancing client satisfaction. Our comprehensive solution streamlines every facet of daily operations, from automated task workflows and real-time data dashboards to secure client data management.

The integrated platform is designed to make informed, data-driven decisions easier, boost internal collaboration and ensure rigorous compliance with industry standards.

As a result, firms can focus more on high-value activities and strategic growth, while simultaneously mitigating risks and reducing overhead. Experience the future of accounting practice management—automated, secure and aligned with your firm’s ambitions.

Manual processes and outdated methods can hold your accounting firm back. Our practice automation solutions focus on streamlining every aspect of your firm’s daily operations, enabling a more efficient workflow, improved client satisfaction and business growth.


What is practice automation?

Practice automation is an integrated system that optimizes client management, decision-making and workflow. From automating client profiles to offering analytics-driven insights, practice automation adds a layer of sophistication to your accounting services.

Who can benefit from practice automation?

From emerging CPA firms to established accounting practices, automation serves as a critical component in modern business. Especially for firms offering a diverse range of services like tax consulting, auditing or financial planning, an effective practice automation system can provide significant advantages.

Why choose practice automation?

Adopting an automated system is akin to having an extra set of hands, allowing your team to focus on strategic planning, creativity and client service. Additionally, our integrated approach helps ensure compliance with current regulatory standards, thereby minimizing potential legal complications.

How does our practice automation system work?

Our comprehensive package offers a streamlined approach to practice management. Beyond CRM capabilities, workflow automation and data analytics, our platform is designed to be user-friendly, enabling you to manage every aspect of your operations from a single dashboard.

What are the benefits of practice automation?

  • Task automation: Eliminate manual invoicing and scheduling
  • Workflow optimization: Ensure a smooth process from client onboarding to project completion
  • Data-driven strategy: Utilize real-time analytics to make informed decisions
  • Team collaboration: Facilitate effective internal communication
  • Compliance and security: Stay updated on regulatory changes and safeguard sensitive client data

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• Hands-free invoicing
• Self-updating appointment calendars
• Automated client reminders
• Smart document sorting


• AI-driven business analytics
• KPI alerts
• Profitability analysis
• Resource allocation suggestions


• Team-wide dashboards
• Role-specific task lists
• Unified client history
• Dynamic project timelines


• Military-grade data encryption
• Compliance tracker
• Scheduled security health checks
• Two-step verification options

Automate your way to success

Discover how practice automation can revolutionize your accounting firm. Fill out the form on this page for a no-obligation consultation.