An extraordinary event – where you will be able to identify advisory services you can plug and play to better serve your clients.

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Many CPA firms are making the move from compliance to advisory

But how do you shorten the road to the goal in today’s time constrained environment?

Join us for an extraordinary event at the Renaissance Legacy West – where you will meet a team of vetted cohorts who can help you expand your firm’s advisory offerings.

  • Networking opportunities among other advisory-minded public accounting firms focused on providing exceptional service to clients by functioning as trusted in-depth advisors
  • Exciting rapid fire style content – to give you quick insight into a variety of ways you can serve your clients more proactively
  • Personal connections with vetted resources who can help your firm “punch above your weight class” by driving significant value into key client relationships while also holding your competitors at bay

Event Details

Dates: August 1 – 2, 2023

Location: Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West

Agenda: Download the agenda


Jonathon Morrison

Setting Up the Optimized CLAT: The Holy Grail of Income Tax Deduction Strategies
We will introduce the Optimized CLAT (OCLAT), a powerful, peer-reviewed income tax deduction strategy for clients that have high incomes and/or large capital gain events. Learn how clients can fund the OCLAT with cash, stock, or real estate every tax year to reduce federal and state taxes by up to 30%, regardless of their income.

Michael D'Onofrio
Engineered Tax Services - Cost Segregation
Understanding New Cost Segregation Strategies to Maximize Your Benefit
Matt Vaadi
The Future of Payroll and How AI Changes the Landscape
Matt takes you on a journey through the evolving payroll terrain, highlighting the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With real-world examples and practical strategies, he'll show how AI can boost efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in payroll systems.
Vince Nelson
ARNO Wealth
Reviewing Unique Tax Mitigating Investment Strategies
We'll review tax mitigating investment strategies . We'll discuss solutions to add business sectors such as oil and gas, ESG, solar, film investments , exotic wildlife, and other unique investments that create endowment style diversified portfolios.
Sara Huddleston
The Growth Partnership - Learning & Development
Leveraging Learning Opportunities to Bolster Organizational Identity
During this session you will learn about the "Culture Check Up" and many of the workshops and training programs that help organizations achieve greater heights.
Heidi Henderson
Engineered Tax Services - Energy Tax Credits
Exploring the Changes for 179D and 45L Inventives Related to Energy Efficient Buildings
Get a high-level overview of the extension and expansion of 179D deductions and 45L tax credits for EE buildings.
Nick Sinclair
TOA Global
Solving the Talent Crisis
The presentation will cover 5 key area’s that firms need to focus on the staffing model of the future, your people strategy and why it’s so important.
Patrick Morrell
Relieving the Management Pains Felt by Today’s CPA Firm Leaders
Pat will share lessons learned and perspectives from other industries that can inform practical growth and problem-solving strategies for today's firm leaders.
Jamie Lujan
Engineered Tax Services - Grant Services
Understanding the Power of Grant Funding in a For-Profit Business
Public and private grant dollars go unused every year. Learn how for-profit businesses can take advantage of these non-dilutive dollars and bring quality funding to the capital stack.
Warren Kirshenbaum
The Cherry Tree Group
Capitalizing on incentives for investments in renewable energy
This presentation will focus on the provisions of the bill that relate directly to the Investment Tax Credit ITC and, specifically, how it pertains to the financing of commercial and industrial or utility-scale solar projects.
Rob Foster
Ryan LLC Property Tax Incentives
Creating Portfolio Value Through
Property Tax Management

We will examine several strategies for minimizing Property Tax Liabilities through both technology and consulting applications.
Kim Lochridge
Engineered Tax Services - R&D
Uncovering the power of R&D and Understanding Recent Updates
We will uncover the power of an R&D credit along with some case studies and determine who is the best candidate for a study.
Shawn Long
Learning the Great Cybersecurity Acronym
We will explain all the acronyms and what they mean in today's cybersecurity landscape. Understanding what these services mean and how they work together to help protect all your assets is the only way to understand the value of these critical services fully.
David Spray
IC-DISC Alliance
Understanding IC-DISC, the What, How and Who
David will be walking us through an overview of the IC-DISC (Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation) export tax savings program.
Nick Burgess
The Burgess Group
Using Premium Financed Life Insurance as an Estate Strategy
An international firm specializing in wealth creation and wealth transfer strategies.
Benny Wright
Victory Claims
Protecting Wealth When Disaster Strikes
The Victory Claims presentation will educate the audience on what is a Public Insurance Adjuster and why it would be useful to their clients. They'll highlight a recent case study of how the impact of Victory's involvement changed the trajectory of the property owner's future with that portfolio.
Bethany Williams
Navigating the 1031 Exchange Life Cycle
This presentation will cover Engineered 1031's advantages as an outsourced solution partner for CPA firms looking to help clients navigate through the 1031 process.
Jerry Vaughn
JGalt Finance Suite - Credit and Financing
Coming Soon
Brad Gornto
A Compelling Tax Mitigation Strategy: Immediate Tax Savings from Clients' Future Charitable Gifts
Learn how clients can set up a charitable giving strategy to generate immediate income tax savings.
Pickens Calhoun
Defining Best Practices for WOTC Optimization
WOTC optimization can help your clients improve cash flow by as much as 40%! The WOTC experts from Rockerbox will walk attendees through some of our WOTC optimization best practices.
Quinn Ricker
Jet Access
Using Private Aviation as Tax Minimization Strategy
Jet Access provides the full suite of aviation services, including private jet charter, aircraft management, FBO and airport management, maintenance, sales and acquisitions, and flight training.
Karl Francetic
Realty Investor Capital, LLC
Using Real Estate as a Tax-Advantaged Alternative Investment Strategy
Alternative investment strategies in real estate designed for high-net-worth investors to achieve tax-advantaged, above-market risk-adjusted returns on comparatively low risk real estate investments.
Angel Way
The Paragon Secure Cloud
In this presentation Angel will discuss the Paragon Secure Cloud. It's a virtual system that connects tax offices to CPAs to complete tax returns. The Secure Cloud has fixed pricing to ensure you can build in profit to your return or break even if you have clients that profit it made in other areas.
Louie Rosalez
Creating Deeper Value Streams with Key Clients by Establishing a Financial Services Practice
Michael Wall
In-Via Capital
Using Land Preservation as a Tax Mitigation Strategy
Uncovering Section 170(h) of the IRS Code and how to offer your clients the opportunity to potentially reduce ordinary income tax by 50%annually through a simple, streamlined structure.
Jeff Pawlow
President - Engineered Tax Services
Advisory Accelerator Ecosystem Overview

Where we’ll be

Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West

At the end of the day, settle into your spacious guest room or suite with pillow top bedding, high-speed Wi-Fi, smart TV and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Legacy West urban village.


Ready to attend the HABU Conference?