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Helping CPAs focus on activities that represent the highest and best use of their time as they work to become a trusted advisor to their clients.

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What is the Engineered Advisory Accelerator?

A cohort of mid-market public accounting firms focused on providing exceptional service to clients by functioning as trusted in-depth advisors.

The Advisory Accelerator was created for CPAs who want to offer a full range of advisory services* outside their personal expertise to their clients. Their clients get access to leading, strictly vetted professionals across a wide range of the advisory spectrum.

Whether you are a CPA looking for value add services* to offer your clients or run a firm and need some help building your business, the Engineered Advisory Accelerator has options for you to to provide growth to your clients or your business.

Benefits of being a member

The Benefits of Being an Advisory Member

As a Member Advisory Partner, you’ll be positioned as the premier provider for your specific specialty area among the advisory accelerator membership. Through direct access to our CPA firm members you can efficiently network inside our “walled garden,” allowing you to develop deep, meaningful relationships at scale – resulting in a higher return for your marketing investment than can be achieved elsewhere.

In addition to access to Engineered Advisory Accelerator Members, our partners can also access the clients of Engineered Tax Services and The Growth Partnership

Advisory member offer

In addition, The Engineered Advisor Accelerator offers advisory members with even more! Below is a list of the additional value that we provide with membership.

Additional Features

  • Complimentary speaking slot & exhibit table at the annually held Accelerator Conference, including the ability to network directly with over 50 unique CPA firms
  • Participate in the Engineered AdvisoryAccelerator podcast
  • Publish a whitepaper, case study, or article every 4 months (3x/year) that will be included in the ABLE content library
  • Access our client survey system to measureyour client satisfaction at the conclusion of each engagement
How to participate

How to Participate in the Engineered Advisory Accelerator

Seeing success from the Advisory Accelerator requires some dedication and planning on your part. This is not a set it and forget it, hoping to get results.

In order to see maximum results there are some activities that you MUST interact with.

  • Annually facilitate a one-hour webinar to be hosted on the Advisory Accelerator LMS that educates our membership about your unique offering and expertise
  • Participate in the Engineered Advisory Accelerator podcast
  • Publish a whitepaper, case study, or article every 4 month (3x/year) that will be included in the ABLE content library
  • Contribute your insights as a thought leader to the annual Rosenberg Survey narrative
  • Access our client survey system to measure your client satisfaction at the conclusion of each engagement
Member pricing

Member Pricing

Advisory Members

One-time setup fee: $3,000
Annual Membership: $6,000 non-exclusive – $10,000 exclusive

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*Please note that services offered through the Advisory Accelerator are exclusively provided by independent, third-party providers who are not owned or operated by Engineered Advisory. Engineered Advisory takes care to ensure that all third-party partners are diligently vetted. However, it is important to understand that we do not control the outcomes of these services. All results are solely the responsibility of the third-party providers.