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The Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program enriches accounting and CPA firms with a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that goes beyond mere compliance. The solution offers multi-layered network security, 24/7 real-time monitoring and AI-driven threat detection to proactively guard against cyber attacks.

Should a security incident occur, firms benefit from a 15-minute rapid response, a 24/7 emergency hotline and dedicated teams for containment and recovery.

This all-inclusive cybersecurity package safeguards sensitive data, minimizes attack impacts and helps secure firms’ futures.

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity represents the protection of digital systems and data from unauthorized access and attacks.

It uses tools like firewalls and encryption to defend against data breaches and cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Who needs a Cyber Security system and plan in place?

Organizations that handle digital data, such as accounting firms, healthcare providers and financial institutions, need cybersecurity.

This also applies to small businesses and individual professionals dealing with client data online.

Why is it important to have a Cyber Security plan?

Accounting and CPA firms handle sensitive data that attracts cybercriminals. A data breach can destroy client trust and tarnish your reputation, taking years to repair. Moreover, failing to abide by cybersecurity regulations can result in severe legal consequences.

As a business owner am I required to be certified and have a plan in place?

Yes. As an accounting or CPA firm owner, you must have a certified cybersecurity plan in place. Regulatory standards mandate it, and non-compliance can result in audits, fines and legal action.

What are the benefits of having a Cyber Security plan?

Having a cybersecurity plan isn’t just about compliance; it also saves you money through insurance discounts and prevents cyberattacks proactively. If an attack does happen, you’ll get a response and a fix within 15 minutes, minimizing damage. Plus, real-time monitoring adds ongoing protection.

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• Multi-layered network security
• Stringent endpoint measures
• AI threat detection
• Compliance audits
• Strong passwords & 2FA


• 24/7 network monitoring
• 7-day risk assessment
• AI-driven user behavior analysis
• Daily threat reports
• Traffic & bandwidth metrics


• 15-min incident response
• 24/7 emergency hotline
• Dedicated response team
• Proactive customer outreach
• Integrated SOC & NOC


• Automated system recovery
• Post-incident expert analysis
• Secure cloud backups
• Immediate updates & patching
• Business continuity plans

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