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Handling a property damage claim can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for those who are not well-versed in insurance procedures. Insurance claims support, offered through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator, can greatly benefit policyholders. The insurance claims experts’ vast knowledge about the claims process, valuations of property damage and documentation needed for a successful claim make them invaluable advocates for victims of property damage or loss from any number of disasters.  

Insurance claims support, a service offered through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator program, will make the most of your claims to protect your wealth when the unthinkable happens.  


What is insurance claims support?  

Insurance claims support provides you with access to a public adjuster, who serves as a liaison between the policy holder and the insurance company to maximize claim settlements. The primary duty of insurance company adjusters is to protect the interests of the company. We believe that victims of property loss need their own property damage experts to level the playing field.  

 Who can benefit from insurance claims support? 

Anyone who has suffered property damage or loss from fires, floods, hurricanes or any other disaster can benefit from an outside property damage expert to evaluate the damage, document it and submit a claim that generates a higher reimbursement.  

Why choose insurance claims support? 

Engaging public adjusters typically results in 2-5 times more money on the settlement of property damage claims. Our experts, with more than 30 years of experience, understand the intricacies of the claims process and can ensure all hidden or overlooked damages are accounted for.  

How does insurance claims support work?  

Our insurance claims experts manage the entire process, from investigation to reimbursement. 

What are the benefits of insurance claims support? 

Our team can do more than maximize claims. We can provide mediation expertise and analyze insurance policies to protect property owners in the event of a future claim. 

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– Expert property damage assessments
– Policy analysis for maximum claim benefits
– Immediate action plan tailored to your situation


– Public adjusters serving your interests
– Complete documentation and evidence gathering
– Negotiation for higher settlement offers


– Identification of hidden or overlooked damages
– Strategic claim submissions for maximum reimbursement
– Expert testimony in mediation or court if required


– Future risk assessment and policy analysis
– Long-term property protection strategies
– Review and adjustments of insurance policies for optimum coverage

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*Please note that services offered through the Advisory Accelerator are exclusively provided by independent, third-party providers who are not owned or operated by Engineered Advisory. Engineered Advisory takes care to ensure that all third-party partners are diligently vetted. However, it is important to understand that we do not control the outcomes of these services. All results are solely the responsibility of the third-party providers.