Pay Your Fair Share, but No More 

Handling a property tax appeal alone can be a frustrating experience. Tapping into the expertise of time-tested professionals, offered through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator program, can protect commercial and industrial property owners from paying too much.

The experts’ vast knowledge about the specific rules of the property owner’s tax jurisdiction, the accuracy of property valuations and the complexities of the appeals process make them invaluable resources for clients looking to save time and money that should be dedicated to helping their businesses thrive. 

What is a property tax appeal?  

Commercial and industrial property taxes vary widely depending on numerous factors, but the Engineered Advisory Accelerator program, through our carefully vetted partner company, ensures property tax assessments reflect fair market value. If not, experts across all industries and nearly every jurisdiction guide the appeals process to help property owners minimize their tax burden.  

Who can benefit from property tax appeals? 

Any commercial or industrial property owner who suspects their tax assessment is too high can benefit from an expert to handle the time-consuming and complex headache of an appeal. Our partner company – the largest property tax practice in North America – manages billions of dollars in real and personal property, with a specialty in industrial property and commercial real estate. 

Why choose property tax appeals services? 

Accounting firm clients may need help that is outside your firm’s expertise. Offering property tax appeals services can expand your advisory work while saving your clients money through expert help from attorneys, appraisers, engineers, financial analysts and certified members of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation.  

 How do property tax appeals work? 

Experts will review property tax assessments, conduct their own valuations and aggressively fight for tax savings through the appeals process with more than 1,300 property tax professionals across 41 North American locations. 

What are the benefits of property tax appeals? 

Commercial and industrial property owners believe in paying their fair share of taxes, but why pay more? Property taxes are one of the biggest bills a commercial property owner will face and one of the largest areas of tax exposure risk. Our partner company, last year alone, captured $2.5 million in tax savings for their clients and offers proprietary software for customized, real-time appeals tracking. 

Get expert eyes on your tax bill

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Downloadable Documents


– Tax history and current market trends are examined.
– Experts analyze all data and documentation.
– Fair market value is assessed using cost, sales comparisons and income.


– Appeals documents adhere to critical deadlines that differ depending on the taxing jurisdiction.
– Property owners are represented before appeals panels.
– Property tax experts fight for every dollar.


– Experts work with property owners to ensure no tax minimization strategy is overlooked.
– Proprietary property tax management system offers secure, personalized dashboard to track appeals process.
– Customer service is second to none.


– Experts assist with property tax management strategies.
– Follow-up reviews by other accounting or consulting firms can uncover additional savings.
– Administrative compliance challenges can be solved through comprehensive reviews and guidance.

Don't pay more than what's fair

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*Please note that services offered through the Advisory Accelerator are exclusively provided by independent, third-party providers who are not owned or operated by Engineered Advisory. Engineered Advisory takes care to ensure that all third-party partners are diligently vetted. However, it is important to understand that we do not control the outcomes of these services. All results are solely the responsibility of the third-party providers.