Harness the Sun’s Power for a Brighter Tomorrow

Engineered Advisory Accelerator offers an all-encompassing solar installation and development program designed to achieve your sustainability goals while significantly impacting your bottom line.

Whether you’re a farmer striving for energy independence, a commercial entity keen to optimize operational costs or an industry leader committed to sustainability, this program is engineered for you.

We offer an all-inclusive turnkey solution that streamlines the journey from site evaluation to system implementation. Leverage solar installation and development to secure lucrative tax benefits, tap into grants and achieve not only energy sustainability but also financial resilience.

Achieve your sustainability goals while realizing tangible economic benefits. As the world pivots to renewable resources, tailored solar solutions offer both homeowners and businesses the chance to harness the boundless power of the sun. Transition away from traditional energy sources and experience the dual benefits of environmental responsibility and long-term savings.

What is solar installation and development?

Solar installation and development involves a comprehensive journey from the initial site assessment to energy production and storage. Taking a methodical approach—evaluating your site, optimizing solar panel placement, navigating bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring top-tier operational performance—results in a seamless transition to sustainable energy.

Who should consider solar solutions?

Solar energy is for everyone. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to save on energy bills, a business at the forefront of sustainable practices or a community organization determined to optimize operational costs, solar energy is the future-forward choice.

Why choose solar energy?

Investing in solar energy is investing in a sustainable future. The Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program empowers you to generate your own clean electricity, see a significant reduction in grid-dependency and leverage lucrative tax incentives.

How reliable is solar energy?

More than you might imagine! The latest and most modern solar energy systems come equipped with state-of-the-art storage technology to ensure you have power even when the sun doesn’t shine. All installations meet or exceed industry standards and come with robust warranties.

Embrace the Benefits of Solar Installation and Development

  • Cost savings: Experience marked reductions in your electricity expenditure
  • Sustainability: Commit to a greener planet with a smaller carbon footprint
  • Energy independence: Break free from reliance on the grid
  • Tax benefits: Leverage potential federal and state tax incentives

Unleash the power of solar with a FREE evaluation

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• On-site energy audits
• Feasibility studies for solar integration
• Environmental impact evaluations
• Utility cost-benefit analyses
• Energy consumption modeling


• Customized solar panel layouts
• High-efficiency panel installation
• On-site training for system management
• Safety measures & compliance checks
• Connection to grid or off-grid solutions


• Real-time solar production monitoring
• Automated system adjustments for maximum output
• Periodic maintenance check-ups
• Energy storage solutions for surplus production
• Software for real-time analytics and reporting


• Tax credit and grant application assistance
• ROI calculations & profitability timelines
• Sustainable energy certificates management
• Energy offset reporting for stakeholders
• Utility bill reduction strategies

Take the first step toward a greener future

The time to act is now. Harness the power of the sun and make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable future. Complete the form on this page to get started.

*Please note that services offered through the Advisory Accelerator are exclusively provided by independent, third-party providers who are not owned or operated by Engineered Advisory. Engineered Advisory takes care to ensure that all third-party partners are diligently vetted. However, it is important to understand that we do not control the outcomes of these services. All results are solely the responsibility of the third-party providers.