Soar Beyond the Ordinary With Tailored Private Aviation Solutions

Elevate your travel experience with jet purchase and charter services, tailored specifically for organizations and professionals who prioritize time, comfort and exclusivity. Seamlessly blending the epitome of luxury with advanced aviation technology, this program guides you through the complexities of jet acquisition and chartering services.

Offering a full spectrum of options—from fractional ownership to on-demand charters—this service lets you travel on your terms while reaping significant tax benefits.

Backed by aviation experts, every aspect of your journey is meticulously managed, guaranteeing the pinnacle of safety, convenience and financial efficiency.

What are jet purchase and charter services?

Jet purchase and charter services represent the pinnacle of private aviation, providing turnkey solutions for both purchasing and chartering jets. Tax-efficient strategies integrated with unparalleled luxury provide a seamless and sophisticated travel experience for discerning individuals and organizations.

Who can benefit from jet purchase and charter services?

Anyone facing significant tax liabilities as the result of a major liquidity event or those simply wanting to elevate their travel experience can benefit from jet purchase and charter services. These solutions are particularly beneficial for business executives, athletes, entertainers and anyone else looking for personalized and efficient travel options.

How do jet purchase and charter services work?

As a member of the Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program, you gain access to a suite of exclusive aviation services. You can opt for a full ownership model, a co-ownership structure or simply charter jets as needed—all with financial and tax-optimizing strategies integrated into the package. This program is designed to simplify your life while providing luxurious, efficient and secure travel solutions.

Reap the Rewards of Jet Purchase and Charter Services

  • Tax efficiency: Navigate tax liabilities with integrated financial planning.
  • Top-tier safety: Fly with peace of mind, knowing you’re in the top 1% for safety with ARGUS Platinum.
  • Convenience: Benefit from flexible charter options and comprehensive maintenance services.
  • Financial transparency: Enjoy straightforward and sensible financial arrangements tailored to your needs.

Take off with a free consultation

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Downloadable Documents

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• Comprehensive market analysis for jet selection
• Customized purchase options (full ownership, leasing, fractional)
• Tax benefit assessments
• Private viewing and inspection arrangements


• Tailored financing solutions
• Legal compliance and contract negotiation
• Expert consultation on aircraft features and performance
• Pre-purchase inspection coordination


• Seamless acquisition process management
• Turnkey charter solutions for immediate use
• Operational setup including crew, maintenance and hangar arrangements
• Entry into global jet networks for optimized chartering opportunities


• Premium in-flight services and amenities
• Concierge services for ground arrangements
• 24/7 customer support and real-time flight tracking
• Exclusive loyalty programs and member benefits

Ready to experience ultimate luxury and efficiency?

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*Please note that services offered through the Advisory Accelerator are exclusively provided by independent, third-party providers who are not owned or operated by Engineered Advisory. Engineered Advisory takes care to ensure that all third-party partners are diligently vetted. However, it is important to understand that we do not control the outcomes of these services. All results are solely the responsibility of the third-party providers.